Friday, 16 December 2011

Gift guide

So holidays are almost here, and I decided to put together a Gift Guide of my own. I like to buy presents right before the holidays and not months in advance, that way you don't lose that excitement about it and the urge to present it.

The first list is for someone who wants to splurge, i.e. there's no ceiling on the budget. In the next post I will do a "On a Budget" list, just so that there's something for everyone!


1. Chanel Gloves - I fell in love with Chanel gloves when I saw the Chanel Spring 2011 campaign (the one with the coolest model ever - Freja), now these are probably hard to get, but they are also oh so worth it!

2. Lanvin travel flats kit - could travelling gat any more stylish?! I also love the toned down leo print.

3. Givenchy bag (Nightingale) - now this bag is perfect for the "Parisian-rock-chic" look - it's elegant and cool at the same time.

4. IPad and IPad sleeve - now I think IPad is the coolest gadget ever created and if you decided to buy it for someone you might as well splurge on the IPad sleeve.


5. Leica Camera - now this is my personal dream... Only Leica has this almost "liquid" quality to the images it produces. But they are just so damn expensive!!!

6. Shaun Leane Jewellery - if you are not a fan of cutesy jewellery (like me), I would recommend Shaun Leane. It's edgy and cool. The gold Blackthorn ring is my favorite (

7. Paul Smith Cufflinks - for end of year holidays you might want to go for something with a little bit sense of humor.

8. Lalique Vase - oh Lalique vases, they are just pure masterpieces...

9. Burberry Chronograph Watch (Unisex) - this is my favorite watch (you can choose from black or white versions), they are chunky enough for a chronograph but light and comfy to wear as well.

10. Gucci Ladybug Coin Purse - this could be one of those gifts that are probably not essential or functional, but are just so damn cute :)

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