Thursday, 19 January 2012

Designer Stuff I Don't Regret Buying

There are things in life that are just meant to be yours... They fit, they make you feel and look good, they bring just a little bit of that extra joy into your life... I am talking about designer clothes and accessories.

Now this may sound shallow, but let's face it - if you had an opportunity to wear something that was made well, looks amazing and will last long, you'd go for it (affording it is another question, but I am talking hypothetically here). 

So, throughout my life I have owned several designer things (some were more successful than others) and these are the ones that stood the test of time:

1. Rick Owens Leather Jacket

This item is truly designer. The detailing, the softness of the leather, the amount of thought put into it is incredible. I love the "coolness" of it, which comes with a certain degree of gothic elegance. Hands down "THE leather jacket" to own.

2. Lanvin Flats

Simple, elegant and super confortable. No screaming labels, no LVs, no Gs and no Cs. Quality and design speak for themselves. I literally live in my Lanvin flats. 

3. Jason Wu Lace Jumper

I was in love with this jumper/sweater the minute I saw it. The juxtaposition of the classic casual sportswear item with the gentleness of the lace is GENIUS. Thank you Jason Wu, that's all I can say. 

4. Burberry Trench Coat

Well, this is just iconic, isn't it? It works wonders in the British weather, in London you can wear it from late September up until late May, no kidding. It's January now (although somewhat of a warm January) and I work mine almost every day.  

5. Givenchy Nightingale Handbag

This bag featured in my Gift Guide post. And it has this Rock-n-Roll Parisian Chic vibe. Big enough to fit all your life, it is not too heavy and definitely draws attention without having huge label writings on it. 

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